Crochet Craziness

A couple of months ago, I decided I needed to get a new hobby. I don’t do very much outside of work, even reading has suffered since I started working full time and it’s important  to have something to do to relax. 

Anyway, my auntie gave my mum a learn to crochet book for her birthday and I decided to give it a go. I am hooked (pun intended). I’ve been looking for every opportunity to pull out my crochet, I even take it to work and sit and crochet on my lunch breaks! 

I’ve already crocheted a cushion cover for when me and my other half move in together, although it’s not completely sewn together yet. And I’m currently about half way through the most beautiful multitone scarf for over winter! 

My next crochet mission is to learn to granny square! Although I should probably start the second cushion cover so we’ve got a complete set. There’s so many Christmas crochet patterns I want to try to make as well!

Any fellow crochetets out there? Would you lovely lot like to see more crochet blogs in the future, I could show patterns being made from start to finish? 


One thought on “Crochet Craziness

  1. missrmb says:

    Hi, a fellow crochet-er!
    I have been doing crochet for a couple of months now, I am still a beginner but have fallen in love with it! I am currently working on 4 projects (take a look at my blog). I love the colours and the patterns and watching something start and come together. Your work is lovely and the colours you have chosen are beautiful. Have fun and keep us posted!
    Rebecca x


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