Book Buying Ban – Update

You will never believe what has been happening guys, I’ve actually been sticking to my book buying ban and reading what is already on my tbr pile! I’ve only had a minor slip up since I started myself on the ban a couple of months ago, I’ve bought a grand total of ONE book! 

It’s been quite nice seeing my tbr list on goodreads slowly ticking down towards 200 (which is shameful, hence the ban). I shall post about my ways of reducing my tbr pile and how to keep motivated on getting the tbr pile down soon because those posts have been exceptionally helpful to me. 

So what’s the one book that has caused me to break my book buying ban? Why, it’s the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone of course. Can you really blame me, have you seen how beautiful the book is?  

Who else is supporting me on a book buying ban? I think Christmas will be the end of mine as I usually as for books from Santa. What would Christmas bewithout getting books? 


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