Michael McIntyre’s Happy and Glorious tour

I absolutely love Michael McIntyre, he’s my favourite comedian and I find him hysterically funny. My brother bought us tickets to his show for Christmas 2014, and finally the date arrived.

I don’t understand how people can find Michael to not be funny. He had the whole audience in hysterics from the moment he arrived on stage, with a skit aboutScottish weather after hijacking an umberella off of an audience member. He pranced around the stage showing off his funny walk and even showed us his oddly large calf muscles. Is there anything more funny than a man who knows how to make fun of himself? 

All of the material was original and he incorporated little bits about Scotland into the routine effortlessly. He didn’t think twice about picking on a man in the front row who had been dragged there by his wife. By the end of the night, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house or anyone who didn’t leave the Hydro without  a smile on their faces. Even Michael himself was chuckling away at his own jokes! I would happily go and see it again tomorrow and I would still find it as funny! 

I could quite happily sit and type about all of the jokes forevermore, however, instead I will leave one parting comment: Going to see Michael was my first trip to see live comedy performed and I can say with certainty that I will be getting tickets to see his next tour. I will also be heading out to buy the tour DVD so I can relive the laughter all over again, or better yet, I shall put it on my list to Santa! 


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