Me Before You – JoJo Moyes

I can’t rave about Me Before You enough, I’ve barely stopped talking about it since I finished reading it and I would happily start it from the beginning again. There are only so many books that leave a lasting impression on the reader but this is certainly one of those books. If you’ve thought about reading it, read it. If you’ve never heard of it before, read it too. It’s wonderful, you’ll be laughing and you’ll be crying and to me, that’s what a book is about; making you feel emotional.

JoJo Moyes adresses one of the worlds taboo subjects in Me Before You, assisted suicide, and I cannot think of another book I’ve ever read on the topic. Moyes’ writing will have you thinking about the pros and cons to both sides of the debate and will leave you contemplating your opinions on whether or not it should be legalised. And why are books here if not to challenge the way we think? 

Not only is Me Before You about one of the most debated subjects in the world, but Moyes’ writing style will have you falling in love with Will and becoming best friends with Lou as well. The characters are so well developed and the storyline seems so effortless, it barely feels like the book adresses such a heavy topic. 

I could sit and shout my praises about JoJo Moyes all day, but instead I will urge you all to pick this book up. I might even break my book buying ban to purchase the sequel….or I may well ask Santa to gift me it for Christmas! 


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