Lush Haul

So I’m not one for doing hauls, ever, however, I went a little crazy a few weeks ago and I bought a few lush products to keep at my other half’s house for having some ‘me time’. I’ve not been to lush for a fair wee while, my parents got rid of our bath when we had the bathroom redone, so I got very excited about the thought of having a lush bath again! 

I ended up with only four items but I wasn’t really sure on what I wanted or what anything smells like. I used to love the Ickle Baby Bot so I couldn’t resist getting one for nostalgias sake and the Butter Bear was another no brainer, because who doesn’t love shea butter? To keep in the festive spirit, I thought I would try out the peeping Santa bubble bar (which I’ve already used and fallen in love with) but I’ve still got the dashing Santa bath bomb for some time nearer Christmas! 

What would you recommend I try from Lush? 


One thought on “Lush Haul

  1. futurovet says:

    I am a little Lush crazy though… I really like the apollo 13 shower scrub and the fresh face masks. If you like I’ll be doing a Lush review on my blog in a few weeks: 🙂

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