Learning to Save

I’m 100% sure that I am not the only person in the world who finds it tempting to dip into their savings when their bank balance is getting low. I’ve been doing it a lot lately which is not good as I’m saving for a car and to move out, so I need as much money going into my savings account as possible. What I’ve decided to do to encourage me to save is much the same as what I’ve been doing to encourage me to get fitter and that is blog about it. Now obviously, I won’t be doing this in great detail or too frequently (I’m thinking maybe posting once a month) but I am aiming to give myself little targets to do within the month to end the bad spending habits I’ve accumulated across the years.

So, for the month of December, I am giving myself three targets that I need to try to stick to for the entire month which should help me save a little money on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and avoid me dipping into my savings later in the month.

  1. Stop buying bottled products – I am normally really good at taking a bottle of water with me to work and when I am out and about. However, I’ve been finding myself treating myself to bottles of diet coke or water when I’ve forgotten to bring one with me. I’m going to stop doing this. I’m going to buy a multi-pack of cola to bring a can with me to work to have at my lunch, and if I forget my bottle of water, there is a kitchen full of mugs I can drink out of.
  2. Saving my budget – I set myself a £1o0 a week budget out of my wage and then I put all the rest into savings. However, when paying for driving lessons and bus transportation I’m not left with a terrible amount of money for myself so I normally impulse buy with the leftover money towards the end of the week. I’m going to stop doing this. I know that you need to treat yourself every now and again so instead, I am going to set up a “Treat Me” account where my leftover money can go into and I can dip into guilt free whenever I see something I want.
  3. Shopping before work – I get the bus to work so I’m normally early and go for a wander around the shops before work which results in spending money on food and things that I really don’t need. I’m going to go food shopping once per week before work with a list of what I need and stick to it (although maybe I’ll impulse buy some sweets every once in a while).
  4. Saving my £2 coins – a few years ago (whenever £2 coins came about) I started saving every single one away into a terramundi pot until the pot was full and then I’d smash it and spend it on whatever I want. However, I stopped doing this when I left uni and I want to start doing it again. It’s incredible how quickly the money adds up and this time it’ll be spent on either something for moving out/the house if I’ve already moved out or a holiday (either spending money or to actually go on holiday)

How do you all save money? Do you need an aim to really kick your saving bum into motion? I am very much welcoming of any saving tips you can offer!



One thought on “Learning to Save

  1. guerillagarms says:

    For me, the best way to avoid little impulse buys and treats is simply to avoid taking my card with me. I’ll keep a ten pound note on me in case of emergencies, but cutting of the money supply is a great way to go cold turkey on spending 🙂
    Also, you can check out my blog on how to make really nice stuff for hardly and money 😛


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