My Festive Traditions.

Everyone family has traditions, especially surrounding the festive period so I thought I would let you in on a few of mine! Christmas is by far my favourite time of year, I love winter in general so seeing everyone happy, wandering about all wrapped up makes me excited beyond belief. Who doesn’t love the run up to Christmas? 

The main tradition in my household is putting up the tree, this is normally done by myself, my sister and my dad. Dad puts the tree up and the lights on, and my sister and I go mad with the Christmas decorations. This doesn’t end with the tree, we decorate the whole house normally the first weekend in December. 

Everything in our house happens on Christmas Eve. Since I was little, it’s been a tradition to go and pick up our turkey from the butchers on Christmas Eve with my mum and dad, and then after that, it’s a lazy day for us all in preparation for the big day (although this year I’m working Christmas Eve). 

On Christmas Day, my brother, my sister and I pile into my parents bedrooms to open our stockings before we send dad downstairs to check to see if Santa has been (I’d like to state I am the youngest at aged 22). Then we head downstairs, someone makes a cuppa and the present gifting begins. 

My favourite Christmas tradition is most definitely the bacon butties for breakfast. What would Christmas Day be without bacon rolls for breakfast? 

The newest tradition we have surrounds my lovely other half. On Christmas Day, my boyfriend comes down to our house for presents and Christmas dinner in the early afternoon. Then we go to his Gran’s house around 6 o’clock for more presents and a second dinner. THEN at around 9 o’clock, we head back to mine for a buffet spread my mum makes and proceed to fall asleep on the sofa from all the food consumed throughout the day! 

What are  your Christmas traditions? Are you welcoming of new traditions or do you like it staying the same? 


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