Five Things I Take For Granted

After watching a Dear Tom/Gi by the lovely Carrie Hope Fletcher, I decided I’d follow suit and tell you guys the things that I take for granted on a daily basis and never ever think to appreciate EVER. I tend to appreciate all the little odd things in life quite a lot, but like the majority of the first world, I take a lot for granted that other generations and even people in other parts of the world today do not have access to. So here’s my list of five things I always take for granted.

  1. Trees – these wonderful things allow us to breathe! HOW COOL IS THAT? They not only look pretty and turn beautiful colours in autumn but they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen and that lets us continue to survive. There is nothing else that cool in the whole entire planet, and yet we chop them all down and destroy rainforests full of the beautiful things. Can we all just take a minute to appreciate how awesome trees are?
  2. My iPod – how does my tiny little iPod store thousands of songs that I can play at the touch of a button? Is that not cool? I can listen to any song that I’ve ever downloaded (let’s not get into that) on a plastic and mental box and the music will start playing in my ears immediately. It’s almost like magic.
  3. Kettles – I can put 1.5 litres of water into my kettle, flick a switch and then a few minutes later the water is boiling hot and undrinkable. Think about how long it would take to boil water if you had to heat it over the hob, you’d never drink another cup of tea again.  The best part of this is, I get really impatient about having to wait on the kettle to boil that I normally don’t even wait for it to pop, I just lift it off when I think it’s about to pop.
  4. Blankets – how does a thin layer of fleece trap so much warmth underneath it? My boyfriends cottage is absolutely freezing, but when wrapped in a blanket, it’s toasty and cosy and I never want to move again. Yet, they’re so thin.
  5. My bank card – how does putting four numbers into a machine with my bank card inside it make all of my money disappear? And NOW all you have to do is place your card on top of the machine and it will deduct money wirelessly. I will literally never understand how that works but I never think about it when I am paying for things with my bank card. It’s so much more convenient than having to go to the bank to take out money.

What do you take for granted? I think it’s hard to realise what we take for granted because we never normally think about it, but it’s always nice to remind yourself how cool the world is every now and again.


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