War Horse – Michael Murpurgo

At primary school, I was always made to read books by Michael Murpurgo as part of our weekly reading groups and I absolutely loved reading them. So when I saw War Horse in a charity shop for 50p, I couldn’t not buy it. I’ve seen the film before (of course, Tom Hiddleston is in it) so I thought I would pick it up based on that alone.

I absolutely loved this novel. It’s such a unique book, how many other books have you read where there is a horse as the narrator and main character? As I am sure everyone knows, I love historical fiction so to read something entirely different about the war was something I was always going to love. 

War Horse focuses on Joey, a farm horse who is sold to the British Army and away from his best friend and Master. You follow Joey as he gallops his way across the battlefields of France and into the war. All the while, he is hoping to be reunited with Albert, his master.

By the end of the first chapter, I was hooked. The way that Michael Murpurgo writes is amazingly beautiful, he’ll have you laughing and crying in the same sentence. I ended up in tears throughout this book on multiple occasions, once in public. It’s not often I find a book that cannot be rushed, but I could not rushed through War Horse.

I cannot recommend War Horse enough!



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