My Auto-Buy Authors

We all have those authors who could write the dictionary and we’d buy it. I have a fair few of these authors, so I thought I would share my authors with you.

The author that I am most guilty of auto-buying is most definitely Jodi Picoult. I own and I’ve read almost every book that she’s ever written and I am now past the point of reading the blurb on her books. If it’s written by Jodi Picoult, I will buy it and I will devour it in two sittings or less.

After reading and falling in love with the Throne of Glass series, I will forever be auto-buying Sarah J Maas’s books. I find it hard to find fantasy authors that I love, but Sarah J Maas is one of the few that I absolutely love.  I don’t know how I’ve still not read A Court of Thorns and Roses but we shall skim over that little detail.

As most of you know, my guilty pleasure is most definitely chick lit, and my auto-buy author is most definitely Giovanna Fletcher. I will admit, I originally read her books because I love McFly, and because of that I watch Gi on YouTube and follow her on Instagram. Now however, I am a solid fan of her books, and I will preach her to anyone else who loves chick lit. Go and read her books!

I’m sure there are many more auto-buy authors that I buy, but I can’t think of them at this moment in time. Who are your auto-buy authors? Are they the same as your favourite authors?


One thought on “My Auto-Buy Authors

  1. shywriter says:

    My auto-buy author is Karen Rose. She writes romantic suspense and all of her books are essentially the same so I know I’m going to love every one.

    My other favorite authors aren’t especially ‘auto-buys’ except for certain series, such as Laurie R. King’s Sherlock Holmes series or Diana Gabaldon with Outlander. I might get around to their other books, but they’re not something I have to buy.


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