Dream a Little Christmas Dream – Giovanna Fletcher

I got exceptionally excited when I learned the Giovanna was bringing out another Christmas novella this year. So of course I had to purchase it as soon as it came out and read it at the next available opportunity! 

What I love about Mrs Fletcher is that you can see her writing progressing across her novels, she may not have been a writer when she began but there is no denying now that she is a brilliant chick lit author. I look forward to her book releases and devour them all in one sitting normally.

Dream a Little  Christmas Dream follows on from her novel Dream a Little Dream which was released earlier in the year. It follows Sarah as her relationship with Brett progresses and her friendships solidify even more than in the novel. Although the novella was a little predictable, it’s a lovely piece of Christmas writing and it will certainly have you in the Christmas spirit by the end of the 60-odd pages.

And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to feel Christmassy? 

Four out of Five stars! 


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