Fitness Friday – A Review

Well, so it’s my first post in 2016. How weird is this? Welcome to 2016 folks, here’s to a great year! 

What I thought I would do here is a little review of my fitness and set myself fitness goals for 2016. It’s so easy to get bogged down in the progress (losing weight) that you forget about the little things like actually being more active! 

My goals at the start of the year were to cycle 500 miles and the walk 3 million steps. Both of which I have done with flying colours, and both of which I am very, very proud of! I only reached 3 million steps in the middle of December but that’s what a challenge is for! I wanted to run 100 miles but I’ve failed miserably on that front, so we’ll set the same goal for 2016. 

I think the biggest thing I’ve taken away from 2015 is that fitness can be fun. Whilst going out running may well be a bit of a chore, I absolutely love it when I’m out. And I’m sure you all know how much I’ve fallen in love with road riding since my boyfriend gave me a road bike for my graduation. 

So here are my health and fitness goals for the upcoming year: 

1. Cycle 600 miles or more

2. Run 100 miles or more

3. Walk over 4 million steps (this will certainly be upping my walking game substantially!) 

4. Try a new form of exercise

5. Stop drinking Cola (I’m already trying to do this) 

6. Have at least ONE vegetarian day per week.

7. Exercise at least TWICE per week.

And continue to love getting fitter and healthier. As you guys know, it’s not about seeing the figure on the scale dropping for me, it’s about seeing myself progressing and continuing to push myself to get better and to be healthy. 

What are you guys planning to do this year in terms of health? We need to help each other out here, so let me know! 


One thought on “Fitness Friday – A Review

  1. Bri says:

    These are really great goals! Thank you for sharing them!

    I have a hard time running when it’s cold outside and I don’t want to join a gym, so I’m vowing to carve out time for long walks during the winter to spend sometime with myself and still be lightly active.

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