Selkirk Pantomime

As is tradition, last week I headed to the local Pantomime to see my other half’s mum singing and dancing. It’s always a great night full of laughs but this year, the whole cast out did themselves, the whole audience was laughing almost nonstop.


This year’s panto was Jack and the Beanstalk, although a rather alternative version of the story. There was frozen songs added in to the mix, and there of course was two ugly sisters involved too. They’d added in references to local events and people which made it all the better.

The best thing about going to see the pantomime is the fact that despite the fact that they rehearse for months before hand, they still forgot their lines and fluff up scenes so do retakes right then and there on the stage. It’s hilarious, I don’t know how the cast do it especially considering they’re all amateurs.


Despite a few hiccups, including a microphone falling from above the stage and the beanstalk falling down after it grew over night, the actors continued on without even flinching. Despite forgetting their lines on occasion, they were true professionals, ad libbing where necessary to increase the hilarity of the night.

Of course, as all the performers danced and sang their way across the stage, myself, boyfriend and his sister and gran sat stuffing our faces with our Christmas chocolates and drinking cans of diet coke, not feeling guilty in the slightest. I honestly do not think I’ve laughed so much in my life!


It’s a shame that they only do the Panto every other year!



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