Popular Books I didn’t like

Who doesn’t like a controversial post to end the blogging week? Today I thought I would share with you lovely lot the popular books I didn’t like and I shall bathe in the hatred sent my way! 

1.Divergent – Veronica Roth

This is not specifically the first book in the trilogy,  I hated the series. I’ve only read the first two and I’ve misplaced the third installment somewhere but I can’t say I’m bothered. 

2. Gone Girl -Gillian Flynn  

This book was terrible, I have never hated a book so much in my life. I’ve no idea why people like it so much but I have arguments with my sister on a monthly basis about how terrible this book is.

3. The Girl with all the Gifts – M.R Carey

Zombie books are not my thing so what possessed me to read this book I’m not sure. I hated it, despite the hype, I thought it was terrible. 

4. Paper Towns  – John Green 

The only book by John Green that I have actually liked was the Fault in our Stars. I tried reading a couple of his other books but I just don’t find them anywhere near as good and I usually walk away disappointed. I hated the two main characters in Paper Towns so I hated the book in general.

5. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell 

This is another book I will never understand the hype surrounding it. Sure, I flew through the book as I read it but the characters and the plot are terrible! I won’t be picking up another Rainbow Rowell based on reading this book.

Are there books you guys hated that everyone else loved? Let’s start a controversial chat! 


One thought on “Popular Books I didn’t like

  1. jasminperry96 says:

    I actually really liked Fangirl! It was a bit of a guilty pleasure read in the summer. I think it was because I was just about to start uni so identified with the situation, although I did find the Simon and Baz parts tiring. Completely agree about John Green though! xx


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