Fitness Friday 

So it’s the end of the month which means it’s time for a fitness update! 

I started the month off exceptionally well, with four runs in the first week and a half which I was very pleased about. I headed to Zumba with my sister and I had an absolute blast (I’d highly recommend giving it a go) and we’re booked to go to the class again next week!  

One thing I’ve been good at is getting out for walks at weekends and keeping active when I’m off! My boyfriend is very good at chumming me adventuring on the beach and coming out for walks and hikes with me whenever we are free together!

I’ve been back to eating quite healthily again (I say quite because I’ve had a few indulgences over the past few weeks) and I’m down to drinking one can of cola every second day. I’m hoping that in February I can improve a little more and start drinking a lot more water again because I’ve fallen behind on that part of my health goals. 

My goals for the upcoming month are: 

1. Drink at least one and a half litres of water a day – I carry my reusable Camelbak water bottle with me everywhere but I never seem to get through more than one bottle a day. So I’m upping my ante with this one this month with the aim of increasing it to two litres a day in March! 

2. Go to Zumba at least twice – I know this sounds stupid but it’s because I work shifts at work and they can range from a half past four finish to an eight o’clock finish. But I loved Zumba and o want to go to at least two of the classes this month (schedules at work allowing). 

3. Eat three meals a day – again, this sounds silly but it does make sense. Because I work at odd times, I eat at odd times of the day. If I’m on a late shift I’ll have breakfast at a normal time, have a snack before I start at 11.30, have lunch around 2, have a second lunch on my second break around about five and then I’ll have dinner when I go home! So I’m allowing myself breakfast at a normal time, lunch and dinner and I will be stopping the snack before work and replacing the second meal at work with a healthy snack! 

4. Bring homemade lunches – I’m being more frugal this year so I’m sticking to my lunches plan. I’ve become more lax towards the end of the month with bringing my own food and with buying a second lot of food for during my second break however that is stopping! 

5. Get out on the bike – I’ve been struggling to get back out on the bike on my own recently and it’s annoying me so I’m going to make the effort to get out on the bike at weekends and before work. It’s still a little too wet to be cycling into work but it’ll be getting lighter again as well! 

What are your fitness goals for this month? I’m approaching this year with a back to basics approach after the Christmas over indulgence! 


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