Book Unhaul 2016

I’ve not told anyone officially on this blog yet, but I’m planning on moving in with my lovely other half in March/April 2016. As of this week, I’ve begun the moving out process of having a complete clear out of my room and this includes getting rid of books that I know I will never EVER read again. I’m terrible for keeping all of my books, even the ones that I hated and at the start of this year, I decided that when I made the decision to move out, it would be a great idea to get rid of a few of the books that I know I don’t want to keep and will never read again.

This is only the start of the book unhaul but I’ve got books living in that many places it’s near impossible to get rid of them all in one go. So this will probably turn into a mini series of hauls as I move out and then it will hopefully turn into a series on all the books on my new bookshelves as I move all of my books into their new home (2 Billy bookcases from Ikea). I don’t see unhauling these books as a bad thing, as all the books are being donated to my local charity shop so will find homes where they will be loved and read.


The Vampire Diaries – These books were bought in the days when I was obsessed with vampires (i.e the Twilight era) and I’ve only ever read the first one and a half in the series. I’m no longer in the mood for these books so I don’t see much use in keeping them as they are just sitting in a pile gathering dust which is not what books are for.

Flashforward – I bought this book when I was watching the

A Walk to Remember – I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan but this book just did not do it for me and I’ve no intention of reading it again so why would I keep it on my shelves?

Never Let Me Go – I have actually read this book but I didn’t enjoy it nor do I want to keep it. I know I won’t read it again and I know that someone else will love the book so I thought I would give it away.

The Divergent Series – These aren’t pictured because I unhauled them to my sister so I don’t currently have access to them. I am not a fan of the series, so I decided not to keep them, although I will read the final book because I know that there is controversy surrounding the ending and I’m somewhat intrigued.

What do you guys think about unhauling books? How often do you have a clear out of your bookshelves?


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