January Favourites

Where has this month gone? We’re a month into the year and I feel like I’ve done nothing with the time…February must be more productive! Here are a few of the things I’ve been loving this month:

Making A Murderer – how can this not be my top favourite for the month? I’ll be surprised if there are any favourites post where this isn’t mentioned. It’s just so good, there are no words to describe it well enough! Such a tragic event to occur, especially if Avery didn’t do it, and boy do I have my theory about that!

My latest hat – it’s only recently begun to get properly cold in the Borders so it hasn’t been until now that I’ve truly needed to wear a hat. My current favourite is the one pictured below, which was a Primark bargain at £3. It’s beautiful and bright, cosy and cheap…what’s not to love?

Soup – who doesn’t love soup? what kind of maniac does not yearn for soup on a cold winters day? My favourite will forever be my mum’s homemade lentil soup, it’s so delicious!

Holiday Planning – my wonderful other lf and I are heading to Amsterdam soon, so I’m in holiday mode already. I’ve already been planning what to pack and what we need to remember to take with us. I’ve also been looking for cheap holidays for later on in the year, because we’ve never done anything cheap and cheerful (like an all inclusive holiday) before and because I want something to look forward too!

My CameraI’m terrible at only taking photos on my phone nowadays, but I’ve recently refound my love for my lovely Nikon. Right in time for my holiday!

What have you lovely lot been loving this month?


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