Fitness Friday 

Wait, Nicole, do you realise you’ve done two fitness Friday posts in a row!? What is happening to you!? 

Last weekend me and my other half went adventuring and I thought I would share a few snaps and thoughts about it as well as showing myself and you lovely lot that I do actually do exercise and try to keep healthy!

Boyfriend and I headed out to walk around St Cuthbert’s cave and despite having done the walk before, we’d forgotten how beautiful the walk is! The cave in itself is stunning, it’s crazy to think that it’s entirely natural. All the holds it up is the hill surrounding it and a stone stump in the middle. 

Not only is the cave beautiful but the whole walk is lovely. Trudging through woodland and across the countryside with views of the sea in the distance. We wandered our way through the countryside chatting about nothing and everything, making plans for the future and reminiscing about the past and that is why I love walks so much. They’re a time to switch off and go back to good old communication, laughter and love. 

It’s one of my favourite places to go for a walk and it’s quite a walk too. It took Rory and I under two hours to walk it so it’s not terribly long but it certainly makes you feel like you’ve spent your day well! 
I’d highly recommend anyone who lives in the area or holidays in the area goes for a walk there. The cave is the perfect spot to stop for a picnic!


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