Moving In 

Hello! I’ve been a bit busy the past week or so, so I thought I would make today’s post short and sweet but I want to share some exciting news! After three and a half years (nearer four) my other half and I are finally moving in together! This does entirely depend however upon me passing my driving test, but I’m so excited I could honestly burst! 

We’ve been shopping to buy bits and bobs over the past few weeks and it’s slowly been becoming more and more real! Of course the first thing that I wanted to buy was book shelves (which have been purchased), but it’s so exciting buying things together as Rory already lives on his own so has a lot of what we need already.

We’re hoping to move in together soon, but as I said it depends on me passing my driving test, so if you could all cross your fingers it’d be greatly appreciated! 

Normal posting will resume on Friday! 


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