My Book Routine

We all have our little routine when it comes to reading, whether it’s only a few little habits or it’s a routine that you follow religiously and cannot sit down to read until you do. Today, I thought I would share my reading routine with you, after spending a long time working out exactly what my routine actually is. 

As it turns out, I don’t actually have a rigid routine that I stick to, rather there are a few habits that I tend to have when I’m reading. I think some of them are a little bit odd, but a girls gotta do what she needs to so she can read!  So here they are…

No food or drink. I can’t have food or drink anywhere near me when I’m reading. The thought of crumbs in my pages or knocking S glass over near my book gives me the greatest fear in the world. Imagine ruining a book for the sake of a few sips of water…no thank you!

I’m not fussy about where or when I read but there has to be excellent lighting. All too often, I find myself having dosed off when reading in bed because the lighting makes me feel sleepy, which is not the best way to get a lot of reading done! When I’m at home, I have to use the light on my phone as I share a room with my sister, but when at my boyfriend’s, I have a lamp on the bedside table that provides me with amazing lighting. 

One of the things I’m most pernickity about when it comes to reading is the way my bookmark faces. I know this sounds stupid but I have to have my bookmark facing up from the page I’m reading (even if this means the bookmark is face down in the book). Because I read on my lunch break at work and on the commute to work, I don’t normally finish reading at the end of a chapter so I have to put my bookmark in to mark which page I was halfway through reading. I hope this makes sense to you guys!

I like to be comfy when I read, although this is not always possible. Ideally, pyjamas although I would happily settle for a nice cosy hoody to keep me toasty when I read. A hot water bottle and a blanket wouldn’t go amiss either but unfortunately that’s not possible at work! 

Apart from those, I don’t really have anything that I do religiously when I’m reading. I’m normally just happy to have a book in my hand that I can sink my teeth into! Do you guys have any weird reading habits that you have to do when you’re readings? Let me know in the comments!!

3 thoughts on “My Book Routine

  1. brontespageturners says:

    I put in earplugs when I read on the train to work! I get a few funny looks but I don’t care. It’s valuable reading time and I don’t want to waste it with the temptation to eavesdrop people’s conversations!


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