My Travel Bucket List

I recently saw a similar post on Pinterest and I thought it would make an excellent idea for today’s post. I absolutely love travelling, be it abroad or just exploring a new part of the United Kingdom and there are many cities and countries on my “travel bucket list”, so I thought for you guys, I would narrow it down to the five places I want to travel to on my next five holidays!

1.Rome, Italy – I have wanted to visit Rome for years, I love Roman history and I think going to Rome would be fantastic. Plus, there will be ice cream, pizza and pasta around every corner so does a destination get any better than this? 

2. New York City, New York – I’ve always fancied going to New York in winter because I think it would be beautiful in the snow. Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, The Empire State Building and all the shops….need I say more? 

3. Vietnam – For a few years now, Boyfriend and I have been talking about going travelling around Vietnam for a while to see what the country has to offer. Why? Because we have no idea what the country has to offer but I bet it’s absolutely beautiful! 

4. The Lake District, United Kingdom – if you’ve never been to the Lake District, I suggest you rectify this this year. The Lakes is one of my favourite place in the whole country, it’s insanely beautiful and there is so much to do in terms of activities that your holiday will be action packed. Boyfriend and I always use our time in the lakes to do lots of walking and biking (both road and mountain) and we normally hire kayaks for a few hours. We love our holidays to the lakes, and were planning a short break down there at some point this year! 

5. New Zealand – I really want to explore New Zealand. One of my friends stayed there for a year or so and it looked amazing. Boyfriend would happily go as its one of the best places to go mountain biking in the world so it won’t take much persuading from me! Hobbiton, lots of walking, some mountain biking, camp fires and road trips, it sounds like the perfect holiday to me! 

Where would you like to go to for your next holiday? Rome is definitely going to happen for me in 2017, the others will require a bit of saving before they can happen, but they’ll be worth the wait, I’m sure! 


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