Crochet Cushion

A little while ago, I made a crochet cushion to go on the sofa in my boyfriends house (and my soon to be house). I decided at the time that it needed a twin to go with it but I couldn’t get the pattern to work for a second cushion, so instead I’ve started a new cushion cover using a different stitch and I must admit I prefer it to the first cushion.


I’m utterly obsessed with crocheting and I love this v stitch which I’ve never tried before until now. It’s beautiful, it’s builds up really quickly and it’s a super easy stitch to master. I’m thinking about going back to redo the first cushion in the same design. I’m not even annoyed at the amount of ends I’m going to have to sew in because I’m that pleased with the result of the cushion! 

I’m almost finished my granny blanket, I think one more round in each colour should do the trick. Of course there will be a post when it’s finished to show it off in all its glory. 

I’m thinking V stitch is now my favourite stitch, what’s your favourite? 


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