Fitness Friday

Hello! Me again! 

How are we all doing this week? I’ve had a good and bad week, as I’ve done lots and lots of steps everyday but I’ve eaten out a few times. Onwards and upwards though, next week can only be better. 

 I have been making it a habit to do laps of the retail park that I work in on my second break to get myself some fresh air and to get my steps up every day. I’ve found that this also encourages me to stop snacking on my second break and I tend to drink one bottle (750ml) of water as I walk around for a half hour. I’m not sure if this really counts as upping my exercise but it’s certainly more than I would do otherwise! 

My eating habits have been terrible this week, as I’ve eaten out a few times. But we’re all allowed our bad weeks right? I’m going to make more of an effort for the week ahead and I definitely won’t be having any more dinners out for the rest of the month. 

My boyfriend and I like to get out and about on our days off and whilst I was incredibly lazy on Saturday,  we went out for a countryside stroll on Sunday. It was beautiful, both weather wise and scenery and we walked over four miles without realising it! 

3 goals for the week ahead: 

-go out for 2 runs and one bike ride

– 10,000 steps every day (except day of cycle as this is nearly impossible) 

– eat two bits of fruit and veg every day (more if achievable)

What are your fitness goals for the week? I’m so happy to being back to drinking my water goals! 


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