Healthy Habits – Garmin Forerunner 230

Hello healthy friends!

How are we all doing on our fitness journey’s to become healthier and fitter versions of ourselves? I must admit, this week I am doing well as I’ve been cycling to and from work (7am starts and no buses leave very little other option), and I’ve still been going out for runs as well. I actually ran my first ever 10k on Tuesday which made me happy, except my phone died so Strava only recorded the first 8kms of running! By my estimations, I ran it in 1 hour and 6 minutes at the most, which is 9 minutes faster than I thought I would be able to do it!

In other fitness news, I’ve upgraded from a Garmin Vivofit to count my steps to a Garmin Forerunner 230 to count my steps, and to track my runs and cycles (and hopefully it will be more reliable than my phone when it comes to battery life!). So far, I am loving it. I bought myself the Storm Blue straps to make it look a little bit funkier because the other colours weren’t very me, so I’m loving it all the more. You can download different watch faces, apps, widgets and datasheets to really make the set up of your watch unique which I love. 

I bought the Forerunner to replace my Vivofit; to use as an activity tracker as well as a GPS watch when I’m out cycling and running. So far, it is definitely living up to my dreams. The only concern I had was battery life and it’s not disappointing me so far. Using the watch for the two purposes, I’m averaging about 6 days of battery life for each charge which is not bad! I’m using it quite a lot because I’ve been cycling back and forth to work on the early shifts. Having said that, I’ve been turning off the GPS, Bluetooth and the heart rate monitor when I’m not using them to conserve the charge but I’m not sure how much battery that will save across the day.

Both the watch and the app give you so much data after doing an activity, it’s brilliant. I don’t think there is any piece of information you could want after a run that the Forerunner hasn’t recorded! Garmin have literally thought of everything a runner and a cyclist could want in a watch. 

So far, I am loving my watch and it’s definitely made me want to do more excercise and keep up with my healthy habits more so than normal! So here are my five healthy habit challenges for the next fortnight:

1. Drink more water – I’m in a water slump again guys. It happens all the time and it’s happened again. 

2. Run a 10k – I did my first one last week and my legs almost died the next day, so I’ve only been going short distances again. No more, I will do another 10k run! 

3. Get out on the road bike – even if it’s once, I’ve only been out on my mountain bike recently and I’m sure all those miles will pay off on the road bike. Plus the weather is getting better. 

4. Go to bed earlier – I’m a sucker for a late night and then suffering the next morning. I don’t know why I do it, but I’m going to try to change.

5. Buy new workout trousers – because as I’ve established above, new and beautiful kit can help your healthy habits wonderfully! 

What are you guys working on over this month? I’m thinking about signing myself up to do the Edinburgh 10k at the end of May but I’m not sure! 



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