Behind Closed Doors -B A Paris

Every now and again, I appreciate a good contemporary thriller. A book with a plot so gripping I won’t want to put it down and so haunting that it’s all I’ll think about when I’m not reading. Behind Closed Doors is one of these novels, I devoured it in four sittings! 

Behind Closed Doors centres around Grace and Jack and their supposedly perfect relationship. They’re the couple that everyone is jealous of, that everyone wants to be like. Apart from they’re not. When not out with friends together, Grace is held prisoner in their lavish home by Jack and spends each and every minute planning her escape from her husband. 


My sister and my mum told me I had to read this novel, and boy am I glad that I listened to them. Behind Closed Doors has one of the most intense and gripping plots I’ve read in a long time. Grace will quickly become your best friend and you will want to adopt Millie as your sister. 

As normal, I won’t give any spoilers but all I’m going to say is, that ending! Highly recommend to everyone. Have any of you lovely people read this amazing book? 

Five out of five stars. 


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