I’m in a Reading Slump

One of the reasons that I’ve not been as active over the past couple of months is because I’ve been in an extreme reading slump. I can’t drag myself out no matter what I seem to do, I’m just not enjoying picking up a book at the moment and I can’t concentrate when I do. 

I normally have a few tricks up my sleeve for when this happens (picking up a good YA book normally does the trick) but nothing will help with this one. So I’m here today to ask all of you lovely book bloggers what your top tips are for someone in an extreme slump! 

I’m thinking about joining audible so I can listen to some audio books on my commute to work, because I’m driving now rather than getting the bus! But I’d love to hear your top tips and suggestions because I’m open to all ideas! 


One thought on “I’m in a Reading Slump

  1. Katie says:

    I love audible! I like to crank the book up to 3X speed and follow along in the book so I feel like I’m flying through something when I’m in a reading slump (and I also like listening while I’m driving, at the gym, etc). I’ve also found that rereading a favorite can help, or picking up a genre/book you know you’ll enjoy, like an author you trust, a book in a series, etc. Personally, I turn to New Adult, because I don’t read New Adult at any other time unless I’m in a slump. They’re fast, light reads, and perfect for reading slumps.
    Hopefully this helps! Good luck! 🙂

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