Fitness Friday

Has everyone been out enjoying the sunshine and warmth that’s been sweeping over the UK? Myself and boyfriend have been making the most of it with bike rides at the weekends and after work. Sunburn has been a bit of an issue on my part (but more on that later on). 

I’ve been on a mission this year to do 500 miles on the bike and I’m not doing terrible well, but I’ve been trying to get out more often and I’m trying to increase my mileage on each ride as well. This weekend, boyfriend and I set out for a 40 mile road ride to the beach and for some ice cream. Normally what happens when we go for a cycle is that we blast round the route before dying at home, but for the past few cycles we’ve been taking it slower but going further and further. The increasing distance is well worth it for ice cream and views like these:

My summer fitness goal is definitely to do a 50 mile cycle on the road bike! 

Health and fitness goals for this next week:

1. USE SUNCREAM – Nicole, you’re a red head, you burn, stop going out without suncream on, it’s really bad for you. 

2. Drink more water – it’s getting hotter so my drinking challenge is more important than ever

3. Get out on the bike at least once – I’m loving my road bike again now that the weather is improving, so I’m definitely going to get boyfriend out on the bike again. 

That’s all I’m setting for myself for this week, I’ve been quite healthy overall so I’m not putting too much pressure on myself at the moment. How are you getting on with your fitness goals? 


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