Paxton House

I’ve been feeling more inspired with my camera recently, so I thought I would head out for a walk through my local “haunt” and bring you guys too. It’s been a while since I’ve done a photography based post, but I always enjoy reading other bloggers’ photo posts, so why not? Without further ado, here is a walk around the grounds at Paxton House featuring boyfriend.

Paxton House is a Victorian Manor, that is kept in a Victorian manner and is open to the public as a museum. The grounds are free to enter and it’s a walk the boyfriend and I do at least a couple of times a week.


There are a few biking trails so boyfriend sometimes takes his mountain bike out, I don’t have my mountain bike here so I’ve never ventured out myself. Boyfriend enjoys it though, and I love Paxton House as a running route.



The views are stunning, you get right down to the edge of the Tweed. There are boats for hire in the summer and you can normally see canoes and kayaks in the evening heading towards the sea.


Normally, our walks take a little while because we stop at the waters edge and admire the view for a good fifteen minutes or so. We’ve taken many, many photos of the Tweed and the little rowing boats that sit at the water’s edge.

There are so many interesting flowers and pieces of artwork hidden about the grounds, it’s perfect for nature lovers and families as you can play spot the artwork. Keen photographers are never out of inspiration between the views and the nature!




We’ve even managed to spot the odd seal and otter lurking in the river, although between us, we’ve never managed to capture a decent photo of them either! Definitely take your biggest zoom when you go out, and hopefully you’ll get a better photo. Although boyfriend and I have been in Paxton House for two years and we’ve only spotted a seal once, so good luck to you all!


You can continue the walk along to Chain Bridge Honey Farm, or loop back around to the entrance. Depending on the time of day and weather, we normally go towards Chain Bridge as it’s a beautiful walk along the river too.


There is a lot on to do at Paxton House as well, this weekend there has been a music festival on and normally during the school holidays, they hold an outdoor cinema once every couple of weeks. The last film was Danny Champion of the World, but unfortunately both boyfriend and I were working so we couldn’t go! There is even an adventure playground for children (and myself and boyfriend, when there are no children because we’re still big kids at heart).

The only draw back that we’ve found about Paxton House is that it gets a little muddy near the river after it’s been raining but it’s not something we’ve ever bothered about. We plod on through no matter the footwear!


Myself and boyfriend would highly recommend a visit if you live in the nearby area. There are a lot of dog walkers as well, so bring your furry friends for a visit too!


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