My Pandora Bracelet

I’ve meaning to write a post explaining my Pandora bracelet for ages, but I keep forgetting and putting it off. So today, I decided to procrastinate from packing for a little while and sit down and explain my lovely Pandora bracelet and all the sentiment it holds for me.


Boyfriend bought me the bracelet, the two star clips and the camera charm for my Christmas present back in 2013, which I fell in love with instantly. The camera charm is because I love photography, although I rarely ever use my camera anymore (I am getting better and getting back into loving my camera again!). He went for the star clips  because I love nature, and I love standing appreciating the night sky and sunsets, so the stars are perfect for me and my bracelet.

I bought myself the Eiffel Tower charm, shortly after I was given the bracelet to commemorate boyfriend and I’s first anniversary. We went on holiday to Paris, and we actually climbed the Eiffel Tower on the day of our first anniversary, so ofcourse I had to have the charm on my bracelet. It’s the only charm I’ve bought for myself, although I did buy myself a Pandora ring when we were in America on our road trip!

Boyfriend bought me the heart safety chain for our third(?) Valentine’s day, hearts obviously very fitting for the occasion and because I was so paranoid about the bracelet falling off my arm. I struggle to do the clasp up properly on my own so the safety chain gives me that little bit more security. I love the safety chain, and although I had no say in it what so ever, it’s the one I would have picked myself.

Next, Boyfriend gave me the heart charm on our third anniversary on our holiday to Crete and I love it, it’s gorgeous and it was the special edition charm where the money went to the British Heart foundation, so I was extra happy when I found that out. It’s got lots of little diamonds encrusted into the charm which makes it even more beautiful.

The last charm I received was from my besties for my 21st birthday present which is the little bike charm. I love biking as all of you who follow my fitness Friday and healthy habits blog posts will know, so the charm could not have been any more appropriate for me.

I love that all of my charm bracelet has sentiment to me, it’s only for special occasions and sentiments so I’ve not had a charm added to it in almost 2 years! I was going to buy myself a charm for graduating university, but I also have a Hot Diamonds bracelet that my auntie and uncle bought me for my 21st birthday and they got me a graduation cap charm for that, so I don’t need one on my Pandora bracelet. I absolutely love my bracelet, and I can’t wait to go on more adventures in life to expand my collection!

What is your most meaningful charm and why?


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