Burghley Horse Trials

A few weeks ago, I was lucky  enough to go and see the horse trials at Burghley house when I was on holiday with my sister. It was such a great day, despite getting a little bit sunburnt! It was amazing seeing all the beautiful horses, and I was very happy at getting the opportunity to try out a new type of photography.


When we arrived, we spent a little while watching the juniors doing their dressage and show jumping, which was impressive considering their ages. I really don’t know how on earth they can do the show jumping, but it looks blooming cool whether you can do it yourself or not.


We watched the first lot of show jumping, before heading out for a wander around the stalls (and spent quite a bit of money in the Joules stall) and then having our little picnic lunch. We had more of a wander around the stalls before heading back for the second lot of show jumping.


It was a brilliant day out and thankfully the sun stayed out because we were out in the open all day. We met back up with my auntie and uncle before we headed home. They enjoyed the day too. We will definitely go back another year!




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