September Favourites

Hello and welcome to my September favourites blog post! It’s been a while since I last did a favourites, so much has changed so my favourites have changed along with it! A lot of my monthly favourites this month are more home based than they were before because I’m now obsessed with buying things for the flat!

1. Plants

I’m obsessed with plants. I love plants, they’re so good for your house and they really brighten up a room. I’ve been to the garden centre in town and I always come back with a new plant! 

2. Stranger Things

Okay, so I’m late on this band wagon, I know but boyfriend and I are hooked. We’re trying to spread the episodes out but it’s so hard because we’re that addicted. I love finding a good tv programme to get hooked on with boyfriend! 

3. Books.

This might be cheating, but I’ve been in a reading slump recently and I’ve been back loving reading since the darker nights have been setting in. 

4. My new sofa 

It’s so comfortable, I can’t even explain. We got it from Sofology in Straiton in Edinburgh and the service was amazing. They’re all made to order, so we were told it could be nine weeks but it was delivered on Monday only four weeks after ordering and we couldn’t be happier! Our bums are in heaven! 

5. Holidays

We’re currently on holiday as this week is my birthday week so I thought it only appropriate to be included. I always feel like my creative batteries get recharged when we go away so holidays are definitely my favourite! 

What have you been loving this month? 


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