The Bronze Horseman – Paullina Simons

The best way to write a review is with honesty, so I will start by saying that I solely purchased The Bronze Horseman because of Peruse Project’s reviews and raves on her YouTube channel (because honestly, I would read anything that she recommends). So I went into this book expecting a great deal of emotion and to be sucked right into the storyline.

I was not disappointed, although I will admit that it took me a long time to get around to picking up the book because this book is an 800 page hunker. The Bronze Horseman follows Tatiana, a poor soviet girl, and Alexander, a young officer in the Red Army, during World War Two in Russia and their struggle keep their young love alive. Throughout the book, you see the dark reality of war as the Metanov’s starve as their rations are reduced and reduced, you hear of the battles that Alexander must send his men into, knowing fine well that they will not make it out alive.

The Bronze Horseman is such a well written book, I was gripped by the storyline immediately. The characters are very well developed, which is what you would expect from a book of it’s size, but I immediately hated Dimitri as soon as he was introduced. Paullina Simons has such a descriptive way of writing that you can picture yourself strolling along in the Summer Gardens with Tatiana and Alexander, and when Tatiana is craving food, you too as the reader, will be craving the foods alongside her.

I loved this book, and despite it’s length, I read it relatively quickly because I could not put it down. My one and only criticism of The Bronze Horseman is that there is too much sex. Now, I know that that makes me seem like a prude, but there is so much sex in the second half of this book it almost seems like happiness is linked to sex and after reading it a few times, it becomes annoying and is completely unrealistic – no one, particularly someone who has never had sex would be enjoying sex after the sixth time that day.

I will continue with this series because I really am intrigued with what’s happening to Alexander!

Four out of Five stars.



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