October Wrap Up

Okay, who stole October away? Seriously, I blinked and then it was over. I’ve been rather busy this month and I struggled to find the time to read, so I am happy with how much I managed to get read. Hopefully November will be more productive, because I always love reading more in the darker and more wintery months. This month I read:

1. Empire of Storms – Sarah J Maas

I loved this book, although not as much as the rest of the series, so I marked it down to 3 out of 5 stars for that reason alone. It’s probably overall more of a four stars, but when comparing it to the rest of the series, it’s only a three. I loved it though, and I am super excited about reading the sixth instalment in the series when it comes out. If you’ve not read anything by Sarah J Maas, then I would highly recommend you rectify that right now!

2. Monsters of Men – Patrick Ness

I listened to the final instalment of the Chaos Walking trilogy on audiobook as my monthly download from Audible. I can’t say that I had much want to continue with the trilogy because I didn’t overly enjoy the second book, however, I am glad I gave it a go. I loved the introduction of the third perspective and I thought the way that it was narrated was wonderful, each voice was easy to decipher.

3. One Wish In Manhattan – Mandy Baggot

It’s been a while since I picked up a good old romance novel and I certainly chose well with this picking. One Wish in Manhattan is an easy, funny and fast paced romance novel that will have you falling in love with Oliver Drummond from his first appearance on the page. I love Mandy Baggot’s writing style and she did not disappoint with her 2015 Christmas release. I can’t wait to get hold of her 2016 Christmas release!

I hope you are all happy with you’re reading progress this month! Let me know what you read and if you’ve any book recommendations that you want me to check out!


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