A Darker Shade of Magic – V.E Schwab

This is yet another book that I purchased on a whim after hearing Regan, from Peruse Project, raving about it on her YouTube channel. I will admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve last read a book about magic, and I don’t know why I’ve left it this long. I love magic, and I particularly love YA magic novels.

A Darker Shade of Magic is a great magical fantasy novel, which follows Kell as he travels between three different versions of London with messages for the rulers of each realm. After he bumps into and is robbed by Lila, and ultimately saves him from someone after his life, they team up together to help save all the Londons.

I loved this book, I just think I would have enjoyed it a little more in my teens than I did in my twenties. The characters are well developed, I did fall a little bit in love with Kell (even with his black magical eye) and I found myself routing for Kell and Lila the whole way through the book. I found the aspect of the different London’s really interesting, I would have liked a little more development of the other ‘realms’, particularly Grey London as you find out very little about the ‘realms’ other than meeting their rulers. However, the storyline was gripping and I was hooked within a couple of chapters of reading.

I will definitely be continuing with series at some point in the year, and I will be looking forward to it.

Four of out Five stars.



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