My Top 10 Favourite Authors


I thought I would do a little bit of a different book-related post today and tell you guys my top 10 favourite authors, who generally tend to be ‘auto-buys’ whenever I see a new release! I will admit, after writing the list down, I would never have thought that my favourite author list would be so varied – there’s even a couple of celebrity authors on the list. Any without further ado, I present my favourite authors!

  1. Jodi Picoult – is this a surprise? Anyone who reads my blogs will already know my love for Jodi Picoult’s writing. She has written some of my favourite books and I love that each and every book she’s written is completely and utterly unique. She writes books about topics that no other authors tend to write, about difficult topics. Her books books range from suicide pacts, racism, school shootings, brittle bone disease and autism, and I truly love her for that. I’ve even had the pleasure of seeing Jodi Picoult speak about her books, and she is the loveliest lady in person as well! Book recommendation: The Storyteller dsc_0133
  2. Sarah J Maas – Again, this is no secret, I love Sarah J Maas. I was so conflicted when A Court of Thorns and Roses was released because I was fully in love with Throne of Glass. I didn’t think I could enjoy a book series more than Throne of Glass but A Court of Thorns and Roses is even better in my opinion. Definitely recommend both book series written by her.
  3. Malorie Blackman – Malorie Blackman was one of my favourite authors when I was in my teens and I still love her writing to this day. I find myself re-reading the Noughts and Crosses series every now and again, usually every couple of years, because they’re like my security blanket books. Some people re-read Harry Potter, I always turn to Noughts and Crosses. They’re brilliantly written and there are very few teen books I’ve read that tackle racism and politics in such an understandable way!
  4. Rosamund Lupton – I always get a thrill whenever I hear that there is a new Rosamund Lupton book coming out, and it’s something I look forward to for months before hand. Rosamund Lupton writes thrillers with a twist. You will never EVER see her endings coming and it’s one of the reasons that I love her writing. Other than the fact that she makes you fall in love with characters and makes them feel like their your best friend. Book recommendation: Afterwardsdsc_0138
  5. J.K Rowling – how could I not include the Harry Potter author on this list? Harry Potter defined my childhood, my dad used to read me the books at bedtime and whenever a new book was released, I would go to midnight releases of the books and would even get dressed up as a wizard when I went! I will admit however, that I have not read her latest books (do they count if they’re written under a pseudonym?). I need to reread Harry Potter, it’s been too long!
  6. Bill Bryson – I always try to read a Bill Bryson book a year, I love his writing style and I love how I always walk away from his books having learned something new. I’ve not read many of Bill Bryson’s books, I always take a while to read them for some reason but I would definitely include Bryson as one of my favourite authors. I don’t have a specific favourite by Bill Bryson, all his books are so different and teach you so much that I think you should join me in reading them all!
  7. Heather Gudenkauf – I have my mother to thank for introducing me to Heather Gudenkauf’s wonderful thrillers. Much like Rosamund Lupton, Gudenkauf throws twists and turns into her writing that you will not ever see coming.   I’ve not actually read a book by Heather Gudenkauf for a while, which of course means that as soon as this post is done, I’m away to order more of her books! Recommendation: One Breath Away
  8. Giovanna Fletcher – now, I know that this might seem a little weird because the last post I wrote about Mrs Fletcher was a scathing review about Always With Love, but overall, I love Giovanna’s writing. I will admit, I have a little bit of a girl crush on Giovanna (and her whole family) so I do get a little bit too excited whenever she releases a new book. I immediately have to go and pre-order her new books as soon as I hear about them. And who doesn’t need more feel good, chick lit in their lives? Recommendation: Dream A Little Dream
  9. Richard Hammond – Okay, so I admit this is a little bit of a weird one to be included in this list, but I love all the auto-biographies that Richard Hammond has written. I love reading about the adventure he’s gotten up to on Top Gear from his sole perspective and I think that his book On The Edge is one of my all time favourite reads. It talks about his life after the high speed crash that happened whilst filming Top Gear and the aftermath of dealing with his brain injury.
  10. Ryan Graudin – I’ve recently found a new out about Ryan Graudin and I am in love. Graudin’s Wolf by Wolf series is becoming one of my favourite series. I love that the Wolf by Wolf series tackles WW2 as a young adult topic, but I love it even more that it’s written as if Hitler had won the war, that really appeals to my inner geek! After reading that one series, I’ve since purchased The Walled City and I fully intend to read it soon within the year.dsc_0140

I hope this gives you a little more insight into my reading habits and my ‘auto-buy’ authors. I’m away to go and browse through all these wonderful authors and perhaps buy some of their books that I’ve never purchased yet!


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