Blood For Blood – Ryan Graudin

First and foremost guys, how is this the only book I’ve managed to read in February? I was all set to have a great reading year, I read four books in January and it’s already tapered out in the second month? The fact that I’ve only read one book does not reflect poorly on the quality of this book, merely that I’ve had little to no time to actually read (or at least, whenever I’ve been picking my book up before bed, I’ve been nodding off because I’m shattered).


Blood for Blood is the sequel to Wolf by Wolf, which I don’t think I ever reviewed for this blog. The duology follows Yael, as she’s challenged to murder Hitler after he won the Second World War. I love historical fiction, particularly historical fiction that surrounds World War II, so a Young Adult series set in the aftermath of Hitler winning the war was something I was going to love.

Obviously, I’m not going to go into details, because I don’t want to spoil the books for anyone who hasn’t read them. However, what I will say is that I’ve fallen in love with Graudin’s writing style, so much so that halfway through this book, I purchased The Walled City, also by this author. Graudin writes characters that are relatable, believable and likeable. I wanted to be Yael’s friend within a couple of chapters into Wolf by Wolf, and I was eager to see how her story progressed throughout Blood for Blood.

Not only does Graudin write great characters, but the storyline is completely and utterly believable. Obviously, Hitler didn’t win the war, so no one knows what would have happened but everything that Graudin includes in the books could easily have happened. Except from maybe the whole skinshifter element, but that didn’t deter from the story. In fact, it adds to the story, because Hitler did indeed commission experiments to be carried out on those in concentration camps, so it fits easily into the story. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of science fiction in their novels?

The only real problem that I had with the book was the skinshifting element, whilst yes their were experiments carried out, skin shifting is a little bit far fetched. I also think that the premise of the novels could have been carried out easily without the inclusion of skin shifting. However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy both of the books overall. In fact, their one of my favourite duologies that I’ve read in a while.

Four out of Five star.



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