Five Ways I’m Going Green

The planet and the environment have always been a great concern for me. I love nature, I love animals and I want to cherish and protect the beautiful world that we live on. I hear so many people saying the same things and posting on social media and blog posts about global warming and how important it is to protect the environment. However, I see very little on social media and blogs about how people are helping and trying to do their own bit, so I thought I would pitch in and tell you all how I’m going more green this year. 

My plan is to continue making changes throughout my lifestyle in order to do more and more to go towards protecting the environment. The reason for making the changes gradually is because I feel like if I make the changes too quickly, I will not be able to maintain the lifestyle that I want to eventually lead. I also, have other people in my household, so have to introduce them gradually to all the changes that I plan to come. 

So far, I’ve come up with a few changes, some of which I’ve already started to implement. So far, I’ve found that these are not only helping me to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, but they’re making me healthier as I go along! 

1. Stop eating beef – after watching the documentary by Leonardo DiCaprio, I haven’t touch beef. I’ve been using pork as a substitute and I must say, myself and my boyfriend are finding that the recipes are even more tasty without the taste of beef! I hadn’t realised that beef production was so bad for the environment, so I’m grateful for the documentary for teaching me this! 

2. Buy loose veg – this is such a simple way to reduce the amount of plastic you consume, and I’ve started doing it recently. Normally the loose veg is actually cheaper or the same price as the packaged veg so it’s not costing me any more and it’s costing the environment less….the only thing I can’t find unpackaged is cucumber, they’re always plastic wrapped! 

3. Less Palm Oil – ultimately I want to stop using palm oil entirely (unless sustainably sourced -Nairn’s do this!). So I’m working on cutting down on my palm containing products, slowly but surely. I’ve stopped buying my favourite Kellogg’s snack bars as they all contain palm oil, and I’m making sure I’m checking all the labels as I shop! I’m finding beauty products that are palm free a lot harder to find! 

4. Use More Glass – this is one I’m working on, buying less plastic and more glass. Things like oil is easy to source in Glass, but very little else comes in glass containers. I’m also starting to use glass more to store things at home after learning how much toxins plastic leaks into your food whilst storing! Scary stuff. 

5. Walk or cycle – this is a very simple change that people can make in their lives to help the environment. I can’t cycle to work regularly as it’s about 30 miles each way, but I’ve started to walk to my supermarket for the weekly shop (about a 40 minute walk away). Helping me to reduce my carbon footprint and also helping me to get a little fitter whilst doing chores! 

What ways are you adopting to help reduce your waste and your carbon footprint? 


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