A Day Walking – Kelso to Roxburgh Old Circular

Boyfriend and I don’t get very many days off together, so when we do, we like to spend as much time together doing what we love. Which tends to mean that we spend the majority of our time off outside walking, biking, exploring or hiking. However, we run into problems with what to do with our time during winter, because we live in Scotland and the weather is cold and miserable and snowy. So when it gets back to nice, sunny and warm weather, we come alive again and start going outdoors to enjoy the end of our hibernation.


So on our last day off, I forced Boyfriend to come for a nice 10km walk along to riverside at Kelso and along the old railway line to Roxburgh and back again, and of course, I had to bring my camera with me for some photos!

LambsIt’s a lovely circular walk that’s relatively flat, and takes you along the riverside, up onto the old railway line towards Roxburgh and then back along the other side of the river. It’s so serene and peaceful, you come across very few people the majority of whom are either fisherman or dog walkers.


Honestly, the amount of beauty that surrounds you on this walk is astounding. I love being surrounded by nature, and the Scottish Borders is an incredibly beautiful place. I am blessed to live in such a lovely part of the world and it’s not something that I take for granted. But I think a lot of people do take where they live for granted more often than not, and I really think that’s a shame. Go and explore where you live, find all the beautiful spots, and explore all the wonderful nature that’s on your doorstep!


I am so excited for getting out and exploring more now that the weather is getting nicer and sunnier! Who else is excited about summer?



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