Five Ways I’m Going Green – May 2017

Since the popularity of the last Five Ways I’m Going Green blog post, I thought I would update you all with how I’m progressing with my mission to go green. I’ve continued to make small changes throughout both my house and my lifestyle to try and reduce my carbon footprint and to try and spread the word of overconsumption and plastic pollution.

  1. Use Less Plastic – after reading up on plastic pollution, I’m making a conscious effort to use less plastic in my daily life (or if unavoidable, trying to reuse it!). I’ve stopped buying single use bottles of juice, solely relying on my reusable water bottles and I’ve stopped buying lunch at work and packing my lunches to take with me. I’m trying to source a reusable travel mug that is ‘non-spillable’ as I can’t have one at work that if it gets knocked over it won’t spill hot liquid onto the computers or paperwork.
  2. More Home Cooking – I’m trying to make more food from scratch at home, from soup to pasta sauces. Generally speaking, I do make a lot from scratch normally, but I’ve been trying to increase the amount I’m making fresh and in batches so I can freeze it and defrost when needed.
  3. Shop Locally – alongside the buying loose vegetables from my last update, I’m trying to shop more locally as well. I’ve found a lovely local fruit and veg shop that is great for finding loose fruit and veg as well as bulk beans and pulses. I’ve also scouted out another local shop that has bulk herbs and spices, as well as coffee and loose leaf teas.
  4. Reducing Waste – In general, I’m trying to reduce the amount of waste that me and boyfriend are responsible for producing. One thing I’m struggling with is that we live in a flat without a garden, so we can’t compost. It’s a slow process but I feel like we’re working towards the same goal.
  5. Instagram inspiration – okay, so this isn’t specifically related to going green, but I’m finding that whenever I’m struggling along the way turning to Instagram is really helpful at getting my inspiration and motivation back. #zerowaste and #ecoliving are my favourite, but there are plenty more that are very inspirational. Go on, check them out.

Let me know if you’re already on a green living or zero waste lifestyle and what you find helps to keep going on your environmental mission. have you got any tips for newbie eco warrior and ways to help me on my green path?


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