Weekend Wanders – Muckmedden Fair City Enduro

Boyfriend was taking part in  the Muckmedden Fair City Enduro in Perth on the 21st October and I went along with him to take photos of the competitors and to support him. Missed opportunity as I should have take a banner to try and embarrass him, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I ended up having a picnic at the Deuchny Wood jump park, where two of the enduro stages passed by each other. I got a few photos of the competitors doing one of the larger jumps at the jump park. 

One of the unique things about the Fair City Enduro is that because it is the last enduro race before Halloween, the competitors are encouraged to dress up in fancy dress on the day. There were riders dressed as the Cookie Monster, a banana and the Doppler Effect! 

And of course, I witnessed a couple of crashes and even managed to capture one of them! The racer was okay! 
A great day was had by all, I enjoyed my wander through the woods and managed to walk ten miles! We then enjoyed pizza at a restaurant  called Duo which was delicious! 


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