Lucy’s Book Club for the Lost and Found – Emma Davies

*I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*

I’m honestly not sure what I think of this book, I’ve been thinking about what to say about this book for a couple of days and I’m still not sure what I would rate it. A 3.5 stars?

Overall, I enjoyed this book, I just found it lacking in something I can’t quite put my finger on. I found it easy to read but not a book that I was eager to read when I put it down. It just lacked a bit of oomph and attraction that just wasn’t there for me. It wasn’t as feel-good and enjoyable as I think the storyline could have been.

The one thing that I can put my finger on that put me off this book was the relationship between Jasper and Lia. He was such an arrogant person as soon as he walked into the story and his character just bugged me the whole time. There is one bit about the relationship that particularly bugged me *spoiler* and that’s when she’s scared he’s going to get mad for wanting to be alone after her mother’s death. She was expecting him to “rage” when she asked him to leave and that’s not a healthy relationship!

Also, Hattie just gives Jasper Lia’s address after Lia has already said she didn’t like his attitude when the first met. Like really? I’d be so annoyed if one of my friends gave out my address to an almost stranger after he’d been rude on the first meeting.

I didn’t hate the book, I think I was expecting more from the book that I should have. I haven’t read an Emma Davies book before and I can’t say that after reading this one that I’ll pick up another one of her books anytime soon.


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