January 2018 Favourites

I thought I would take the plunge and do a January favourites because who doesn’t need to reflect on everything they’ve been enjoying at the end of the month? Let’s be honest, at this point in the month I am skint and living my life on the sofa as this is all I can afford, so here’s what I’ve been loving so far this year!


Overshoes – biking bloggers, why has no one told me about the joy that overshoes would bring into my life? My feet stay toasty warm and dry during my winter road rides and they keep my gorgeous new touring shoes clean….why did I wait so long to buy them!? I’ve got SealSkinz ones and I am well and truly in love!

Under Armour Sports Bras – so I got Christmas money from some family and being the biking addict that I am, I decided to purchase some new sports bras with the money. Not only are these cute as, but they’re super comfy and a great fit (not too tight to try and get off but perfectly tight for support!) I’m in love and would highly recommend!


Brooklyn Nine Nine – this is one of my all time favourite shows and the latest series has just gone onto Netflix UK so of course I am hooked. It’s hilarious and there’s some thing lovely about Andy Samberg so what’s not to love?

Homeland – Season six of Homeland has gone onto Netflix UK so boyfriend and I are working our way through the series. It was actually my dad that made me watch it originally and I’m forever greatful.


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