June Favourites

Hello again!

Thought I would update you on what I’ve been loving this month. It’s been a quick and crazy month as we’re settled into our new house, but I’ve found some gems along the way!

Louise Pentland – I don’t know why, but I’ve only just recently started watching Louise’s YouTube channel and I freaking love her. Her weekly vlogs are always amazingly realistic. She shows her highlights of her week, whether it’s doing something fancy or just having a cosy day at home. She’s my cosy watch, I’ll happily rewatch her vlogs in the background as I dot around the house.

Scentsy UK – one of my friends is a scentsy rep and I’ve been lusting after their products for ages. After house sitting for a week and using all her scentsy stuff, I finally took the plunge and made a purchase. Cannot praise them enough! The house smells amazing and the warmers are lightbulb based so there is no danger for kids or pets! Love, love, love!

Breaking Bad – so we still don’t have internet (using my work WiFi to upload this on a lunch break) so we’ve been watching Breaking Bad as we own the DVDs. Honestly not seen it in years and I’d forgotten how good a series it is. We’re on season three and I know that it only gets better from here on out. So happy we thought about rewatching it. “I am the Danger”

Jenni Douglas Designs – I’m an Edinburgh gal in origin and I spend quite a bit of time there as an adult despite not living in the city. On one of my many trips to the city, we walked past Jenni Dounglas Designs in Marchmont and I fell in love with her unique and quirky prints. So much so, that we went back a few weeks later to buy a print because it had been on my mind for that long. The one that I purchased is called “An Edinburgh Day” and it sits so beautifully in our hallway. It’ll look even better once the hall has been painted! I will happily be checking out her store every time we pass that way from now on and I would encourage you guys to do the same. She has a website too.

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner – I’m an eyeliner lover. I know this, my boyfriend knows this, everyone knows this. I love doing top eyeliner and a cat eye flick. If I do my make up, I have to have my upper eye lined. It’s all or nothing in that regard and I’m always on the search for a good liquid eyeliner or eyeliner pen because of it. I delved into the Soap and Glory eyeliner the other day out of necessity, because I didn’t want to keep using my Benefit They’re Real eyeliner cause it’s quite expensive. So I thought I would give the Supercat one a go and I freaking love it. It applies so easily, it lasts and it doesn’t transfer onto eyeshadow like a few other brands do. I’ve cycled to work with this on in 20 degree plus heat and it’s stayed put on my eyelids. Highly recommend and I’m very glad I purchased two!

What have you been loving this month? I’m always up for new things to try out!


Winter Skincare

I know everyone complains about their skin in winter, this year my skin has been terrible. It’s so dry from my workplace and from outdoor activities and I cannot seen to get it moisturiser and feeling healthy. I’ve been spotty recently as well so I thought I would do a little blog post updating you of all the changes to my skincare routine.

As throughout the summer months, I’ve been using my trusty Simple cleanser and toner in the morning to clean my face before doing my make-up.


I’ve also been using the Simple Oil Balancing Moisturiser in the morning to try to combat my spot bteakouts. I love this moisturiser and it leaves my skin feeling super soft in the morning. Then I do my make up as normal.


I’ve stopped using my facewash every morning, but instead use it only when I shower (every other day) and when I use the facewash, I skip cleansing and toning as I find that makes my skin breakout more. However, on days where I have been using a facewash, I’ve been sticking to Simple’s oil balancing one.

At night time, I’ve changed my routine a lot. I’ve started using a lot more products at night to try and get my skin feeling and looking healthy again. Firstly, I’ve changed to using Clinique’s Take The Day Off cleansing balm to remove my make up. I love how fresh, clean and soft this makes my face feel and since I’ve started using it, I’ve noticed my breakouts have calmed down a little. What I also like about the cleansing balm is that you use a washcloth to remove the balm so I’m using a lot less disposable face pads and it doesn’t feel so harsh on my skin.


Next, I’ve been using Superdrug’s facial oil, which smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling incredible. Even in the morning, my skin is feeling more hydrated! What I like about the oil is that although it is an oil, it’s not too greasy and it doesn’t leave a residue like a few of the other facial oils I’ve tried.


Then comes my No.7 night cream. My sister raved about the New No.7 night creams to me a while ago and I thought I would pick one up and see if it was any good. I love it, although I am not overly keen on the smell of the cream. However, I can get over that when it leaves my skin feeling so soft and healthy.


For the rest of my body, I’ve been using my trusty Aveeno body lotion which is always my go to moisturiser. I have always been and will always be a loyal Aveeno lover. I swear by the stuff.

It seems to be working so far, I feel like my skin is healthier and it certainly feels a lot softer. I’ve been using my new products and routine for a couple of weeks now so the breakouts haven’t cleared fully, but I am hoping the spots will soon disappear.

*Disclaimer, this post is not sponsored by any brands, all opinions are my own and the products are my genuine favourites

My Travel Skincare

Normally what happens when I go on holiday is that I either don’t wear any make up and I completely forget about my skincare or I wear make up and I completely forget about my skincare. However, what is going to happen when I am on holiday next week is that I am not going to forget about my skincare! 

Because we’re only taking hand luggage (in the form of my trusty Osprey rucksack) I’m only able to take miniatures of everything so I’m stripping back to four basics to try to get my skin back under control and feeling great! 

Lush Haul

So I’m not one for doing hauls, ever, however, I went a little crazy a few weeks ago and I bought a few lush products to keep at my other half’s house for having some ‘me time’. I’ve not been to lush for a fair wee while, my parents got rid of our bath when we had the bathroom redone, so I got very excited about the thought of having a lush bath again! 

I ended up with only four items but I wasn’t really sure on what I wanted or what anything smells like. I used to love the Ickle Baby Bot so I couldn’t resist getting one for nostalgias sake and the Butter Bear was another no brainer, because who doesn’t love shea butter? To keep in the festive spirit, I thought I would try out the peeping Santa bubble bar (which I’ve already used and fallen in love with) but I’ve still got the dashing Santa bath bomb for some time nearer Christmas! 

What would you recommend I try from Lush? 

July Monthly Favourites

I really enjoyed writing my June monthly favourites post so I thought I would try it again and put a little more planning and thought into the actual writing of it. Last month, it was an impulse post to fill a gap in my blog schedule, but this month I’ve been keeping a note of all the things I’ve been loving that I think you guys should give a try to!

Origins Super Spot Remover – if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I posted about how this little bottle of magic has become my best friend of late. I bought this when boyfriend and I were in America because it was a lot cheaper than I’ve seen it in the UK even after tax, and I’ve not regretted it. I get really bad spots, especially on the run up to my period, but with a thin layer of this gel applied to the spot a couple of times during the day, the spot looks better and disappears a lot faster than usual! Although the bottle is tiny, you use very small amounts at a time so it’ll certainly last a while! 

Dove Bodywash – more specifically, the plum Bodywash and the pomegranate bodywash. They smell so beautiful that they make me want to eat myself! I always love hopping in the shower but now there is even more of an incentive! 

Daisy Dream perfume – I’ve had Daisy Dream sitting on my shelf for at least a year but I’ve never been tempted to pick it up until I wanted a bit of summer amongst all of this rain! I absolutely love the scent and I’ve even opted to wear it to work this past month, replacing my much loved Wonderstruck perfume! 

Pretty little liars – I am a fully fledged PLL fan and I cannot wait to find out who A is after all these seasons! The countdown is on and the storyline is getting intense….two weeks till we find out! 

Dream a Little Dream by Giovanna Fletcher – this is buy far the best book I’ve read in July. I flew through it in three days, finding any spare moment to pick it up and dive back into Sarah’s real and dream worlds! Highly recommend for anyone who loves a bit of a romance story with a great plot behind it! 

That’s my July favourites folks, I’ll be starting my august ones today seeing as it’s already the third! I will review Giovanna’s book shortly and share it with you guys. Let me know what you enjoyed in July! 

My June Favourites

I’ve never done a favourites before but I’ve been reading a lot of them across the past couple of months. I thought I would join in and let you lovely people know what I have been loving across all categories of life! 

Rimmel Lasting Finish Colour Rush – I’ve had this for a while, as is evident from the lack of decal still on the tube, but I still love it! I actually love all of the colours I have, but this one is my particular favourite. It’s such a lovely pink, not too bright but it builds up nicely to the shade you want easily. 

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner – if I continue doing monthly favourite posts, this will certainly continue to appear in these regularly! I love, love, love this lip balm. I am especially prone to chapped lips but Blistex helps immensely and I could not be without it. I’ve so many of these little pots of magic lying around the house, I don’t think I’ve ever gotten to the bottom of one! 

My Pandora Ring – this was a present to myself on holiday for graduating from uni. I’ve been eyeing it up for a good couple of years and I do not regret the purchase, even in spite of the price! The lovely pandora ring has become a staple of my daily wardrobe, even at work. 

Handbag from New Look – this was an impulse buy on payday, due to the fact that I finally have money I can spend on goodies that I want without feeling guilty! Boy does it feel awesome! This handbag is the perfect size for me, it can perfectly fit my purse, house keys, phone, small make up bag and a book into it without the bag being too big and bulky. Also, I have ever mentioned how much I love duck egg blue/teal?  

 My bike – I’ve been really into cycling this month, so much so that I’ve barely read anything because I’m normally out on my bike when I have spare time. It’s such a good way to destress and I get to be surrounded by incredible scenery as I go. Going with boyfriend makes it ten times better as well! 

Once Upon a Time – I watched this programme with my sister when it was first shown in the UK on channel five but they stopped showing it after a couple of seasons. I’ve become fully addicted to the show again on Netflix, although I’m still on season one! 

What have you guys been loving this month? Let me know if you want me to continue doing monthly favourites posts and I shall spend a little more time thinking about everything I’ve loved in July! 

My Avon Favourites

I think it is safe to say that I have well and truly fallen back in love with Avon skincare. I went through a stage where everything I bought was Avon and then I strayed away for quite a while. Recently I’ve been buying a few bits and bobs from Avon again and I’ve discovered a few gems that have sorted nicely into my skincare routine, so I thought I would share them with you lovely people.

What I’ve been loving recently is the Avon ClearSkin range which I’ve been using to help tackle and control the never ending spots that are plaguing my face at the moment. Because of the price, I went out on a whim last month and bought both the ClearSkin pore minimising face mask and the ClearSkin pore minimising facial cleanser. And I can honestly say that since I’ve began using them both (the cleanser once daily and the face mask once a week to once every 10 days) my skin has been so much softer and I’ve become less prone to breakouts! 

My favourite out of the two has to be the cleanser, probably as it’s the one I use the most often so it’s made the most notable difference. As I said above, ive been using the cleanser once per day, either as part of my shower routine at the end of the day or as I take my make up off before heading to bed if I’m not showering at night. My skin feels so soft as soon as I’ve used it, it’s better than anything I’ve tried before as most cleansers and face washes leave my skin feeling a little tight. I would highly recommend the cleanser to anyone who is prone to breakouts or like myself, feels that ‘normal’ face washes are not doing their job! I think I paid less than £3 for the cleanser so it’s not bank breaking money but it’s certainly a bargain. I will definitely be buying the cleanser again when I start to get low! 

I’ve only used the ClearSkin pore minimising face mask a couple of times since I purchased it but I have been loving it too. As with the cleanser, I found that it left my skin incredibly soft which is what I look for from a face mask. Although it does take a little longer to dry than some of the face masks I’ve used in the past (it took around about 10-15 minutes depending on how much I put on), you can see the mask drying on your face and the more ‘problematic’ areas of your face are noticeable too. I’ve barely used any of the face mask from the few times I’ve tried it, so for around about £3, I would definitely consider it a bargain and I am so glad I bought it! 

One of the most noticeable differences since I started using the range has been that my make up has had more staying power than previously. Not only this but my foundation seems to sit a lot better on my face, as in my skin appears a lot smoother than it had previously. I’ve had numerous comments about my skin since I started using the range, which is always the sign of a good beauty product! 

Review// Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturiser


I bought this moisturiser when it was on sale in Boots because I love Simple products, I tend to suffer from spots a lot and because I’m always disappointed that I don’t like Simple moisturisers. I am so glad that I bought this, I absolutely love how it makes my skin feel in the morning!

For me, this Simple moisturiser is light and non-greasy, it leaves me shine free for hours. It absorbs almost instantly and your skin feels softer the minute the cream touches your face. I think it has reduced the number of spots I’ve suffered from recently, although I have changed other products in my skin care routine also so I cannot fully credit my skin to this moisturiser alone. I would recommend the Oil Balancing moisturiser; I will be buying it again and I will be trying out the other products in the Oil Balancing range soon.