Weekend Wanders – Arthur’s Seat and Edinburgh’s Christmas

Hello and welcome to a wintery edition of weekend wanders!

This time was a little bit impromptu as what I had wanted to do was to spend the day wandering around the Edinburgh botanic gardens, however, by the time we actually ended up in Edinburgh it was getting dark. So, instead we decided to head up Arthur’s seat as the sun was setting and it was breath taking. I’ve never seen views like it, that is I’ve been up Arthur’s seat before (it’s a great place to go for Bonfire night and New Year because you get great views of all the fireworks in and around Edinburgh) but there is something so magical about seeing the sunsetting over the city.

Sunset from Arthur’s Seat


The only downside to seeing the beautiful sunset was that it was blooming freezing at the top of Arthur’s seat, even with a big woolly jumper, a thick winter coat, hat, scarf and gloves! I was so freaking cold. And then we had to hike back down Arthur’s Seat in the pitch black, which was not exactly my idea of fun!

We then headed along to the Christmas markets for a wander around all the cute and Christmassy stalls and food. I love the Christmas markets in Edinburgh, they really do get you in the Christmas spirit, but the stalls are always very samey so we don’t normally buy anything. Except food, because you cannot go to the Christmas markets in Edinburgh and not got a waffle or some churros!

As we were heading back to the car, we spotted the castle all lit up blue for St Andrew’s Day! It looked awesome!

Edinburgh Castle – St Andrew’s Day


Weekend Wanders – Muckmedden Fair City Enduro

Boyfriend was taking part in  the Muckmedden Fair City Enduro in Perth on the 21st October and I went along with him to take photos of the competitors and to support him. Missed opportunity as I should have take a banner to try and embarrass him, hindsight is a wonderful thing!

I ended up having a picnic at the Deuchny Wood jump park, where two of the enduro stages passed by each other. I got a few photos of the competitors doing one of the larger jumps at the jump park. 

One of the unique things about the Fair City Enduro is that because it is the last enduro race before Halloween, the competitors are encouraged to dress up in fancy dress on the day. There were riders dressed as the Cookie Monster, a banana and the Doppler Effect! 

And of course, I witnessed a couple of crashes and even managed to capture one of them! The racer was okay! 
A great day was had by all, I enjoyed my wander through the woods and managed to walk ten miles! We then enjoyed pizza at a restaurant  called Duo which was delicious! 

Explore Scotland – Isle of Lewis

In August, we headed up to the Isle of Lewis to stay with a friend for a week and I thought I would document it and tell you guys how beautiful the island is. It’s not somewhere I ever dreamed of going (it certainly wasn’t on my travel bucketlist) but it’s now one of my favourite places. We’ve been before in 2016, and I was more than happy to go back for a week.

Although it’s quite a trek for us to get there, almost a full day of travelling, the journey is worth it when you get off the ferry and see how beautiful the island is. We stayed at Uig, as our friend works in the lodge there, so we literally travelled right across the island to get to our accommodation. We witnessed the most beautiful sunset as we drove to Uig.

The first day that we were on the island, the weather was horrible. Torrential rain and gale force winds which hampered any plans of exploring. We did attempt to go out sea fishing but we ended up drenched and turned back, although we did have to take the dog for a walk.

The rest of the week the weather was good, so we managed to get out and do a lot of the touristy bits and Boyfriend got out to do a lot of fishing (mainly in the sea). We did get the chance to go salmon fishing, although they were fishing in a loch that hadn’t been fished for salmon before so they didn’t actually catch anything. I spent the time reading and snoozing amongst the heather, that’s why our hobbies go so well together.

The one thing that I wanted to do when we were on Lewis was to go and see the old blackhouses that the crofters used to live in. We got to go inside Arnol blackhouse which is still set up as it was when it was lived in, complete with a peat fire constantly burning. Honestly, everything is just so picturesque on Lewis, it’s impossible to describe something well enough!

I would also recommend paying a visit to Mangersta Bothy, which is not to far from Uig. The bothy was built to commemorate the life of Linda Norgrove, who died during a rescue mission after she was kidnapped in Afghanistan. I honestly cannot think of a more special way to honour someone’s life, it’s a beautiful idea and the bothy could not be in a more perfect spot (it’s literally built into a cliff edge!)

Lewis is definitely one of my favourite places to go on holiday, I just love everything about it. The best part is definitely how out of touch with reality you are with the world, as unless you’re in Stornoway, you don’t get phone signal at all on the island!

Mellerstain House 

On one of my days off recently, I headed along to Mellerstain House in the Scottish Borders to spend the afternoon wandering about their lastest exhibition. It was amazing, I mean the house and the grounds themselves are incredibly beautiful on their own without adding in the works of art!

Despite living in the Scottish Borders for almost my entire 24 years on this planet, I’d never set foot in Mellerstain House before. It is outstanding, the grounds are incredibly well maintained, although I didn’t go into the house during my visit. 

The exhibit was a Steve Massam exhibit as part of the Borders Sculpture park and it runs through till September so there is still time to go and see it! There are three works scattered around the grounds, and they are placed so that you have to see the entire grounds of Mellerstain House to see all three of the pieces. 

My only problem with the whole thing was that they were not well signed at all, I had to rely on asking other people if I was going in the right direction. The upside to this is you know when you’ve found them, they’re huge and you definitely can’t miss them once you’ve stumbled upon them! 

I would highly recommend you take yourself along to go and see the exhibit and the lovely grounds of Mellerstain House! Even if you don’t enjoy the art work (cause it is an acquired taste), the grounds are beautiful and there are lots of beautiful flowers and wildlife to enjoy

Weekend Wanders – Southern Upland Way

On Sunday just passed, Boyfriend and I headed out to walk part of the Southern Upland Way. Quite a large section of the walking trail comes through the Scottish Borders and we love to go out walking so we laced up our boots and headed out.

We parked the car in Melrose and headed off through the square and up onto the old railway line. It’s a popular path for walkers, cyclists, runners, mothers pushing buggies and I can now see why. It’s beautiful, lined with trees on both sides and most importantly, flat!

We turned onto the road beside the Borders General Hospital, a wrong turning chosen by boyfriend and headed in the wrong direction for about a mile until coming to Upper Faldonside and realising that something wasn’t quite right. But hey, isn’t that what adventuring is all about? Getting lost and discovering new places because of it?

Anyway, we turned back and headed along the right path towards Darnick and then onto Tweedbank. Had a quick stop at the railway station in Tweedbank because Boyfriend hadn’t seen in before and then headed back along towards Melrose. We were meant to be going on a nine mile walk, but the weather turned whilst we were only about a quarter of the way through the walk, so we made the smart move of turning back and going a slightly different, but equally scenic route back along part of the Southern Upland Way.

This part of the trail takes you along the river to Melrose, along a particularly beautiful stretch of the Scottish Borders countryside. You get a great view of the Tweed river and all it’s fisherman, canoeists and kayakers as they make their way down the river and over the Cauld. 

We left the trail shortly before arriving at the chain bridge, but next time (hopefully in better weather) we’re going to walk the route abit further and see more of the beauty that the trail holds…although it will be a while until I attempt the full 212 miles of the Southern Upland Way!

A Day Walking – Kelso to Roxburgh Old Circular

Boyfriend and I don’t get very many days off together, so when we do, we like to spend as much time together doing what we love. Which tends to mean that we spend the majority of our time off outside walking, biking, exploring or hiking. However, we run into problems with what to do with our time during winter, because we live in Scotland and the weather is cold and miserable and snowy. So when it gets back to nice, sunny and warm weather, we come alive again and start going outdoors to enjoy the end of our hibernation.


So on our last day off, I forced Boyfriend to come for a nice 10km walk along to riverside at Kelso and along the old railway line to Roxburgh and back again, and of course, I had to bring my camera with me for some photos!

LambsIt’s a lovely circular walk that’s relatively flat, and takes you along the riverside, up onto the old railway line towards Roxburgh and then back along the other side of the river. It’s so serene and peaceful, you come across very few people the majority of whom are either fisherman or dog walkers.


Honestly, the amount of beauty that surrounds you on this walk is astounding. I love being surrounded by nature, and the Scottish Borders is an incredibly beautiful place. I am blessed to live in such a lovely part of the world and it’s not something that I take for granted. But I think a lot of people do take where they live for granted more often than not, and I really think that’s a shame. Go and explore where you live, find all the beautiful spots, and explore all the wonderful nature that’s on your doorstep!


I am so excited for getting out and exploring more now that the weather is getting nicer and sunnier! Who else is excited about summer?


Burghley Horse Trials

A few weeks ago, I was lucky  enough to go and see the horse trials at Burghley house when I was on holiday with my sister. It was such a great day, despite getting a little bit sunburnt! It was amazing seeing all the beautiful horses, and I was very happy at getting the opportunity to try out a new type of photography.


When we arrived, we spent a little while watching the juniors doing their dressage and show jumping, which was impressive considering their ages. I really don’t know how on earth they can do the show jumping, but it looks blooming cool whether you can do it yourself or not.


We watched the first lot of show jumping, before heading out for a wander around the stalls (and spent quite a bit of money in the Joules stall) and then having our little picnic lunch. We had more of a wander around the stalls before heading back for the second lot of show jumping.


It was a brilliant day out and thankfully the sun stayed out because we were out in the open all day. We met back up with my auntie and uncle before we headed home. They enjoyed the day too. We will definitely go back another year!



Doddington Hall



I recently went to the sculpture exhibit at Doddington Hall, whilst on holiday with my sister. It was one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to and all the sculptures on display were wonderful, they fitted into the background so naturally. DSC_0761.JPG

We spent hours wandering around the grounds, unfortunately the house itself was closed on the day that we went, but it didn’t really matter all that much. The sculptures are all hidden amongst the trees and throughout the gardens (and the house) so we spent ages trying to find them all. My favourite ones were the ones that looked like plants and flowers, but we all know how much I love a photo of flowers.


We started playing a game of guess the price, which turned out to be equally as entertaining as seeing all the exhibits. The majority of the sculptures were well out of our price range, although we didn’t actually go to buy anything, we just went to appreciate all of the artwork and talent that goes into every piece.


Being around all of the beautiful artwork and sculptures made me really inspired to take lots of photographs and to get artsy with the photography and to try out new techniques with the camera as well. Perhaps there will be lots more photo blogs in the future!



My Pandora Bracelet

I’ve meaning to write a post explaining my Pandora bracelet for ages, but I keep forgetting and putting it off. So today, I decided to procrastinate from packing for a little while and sit down and explain my lovely Pandora bracelet and all the sentiment it holds for me.


Boyfriend bought me the bracelet, the two star clips and the camera charm for my Christmas present back in 2013, which I fell in love with instantly. The camera charm is because I love photography, although I rarely ever use my camera anymore (I am getting better and getting back into loving my camera again!). He went for the star clips  because I love nature, and I love standing appreciating the night sky and sunsets, so the stars are perfect for me and my bracelet.

I bought myself the Eiffel Tower charm, shortly after I was given the bracelet to commemorate boyfriend and I’s first anniversary. We went on holiday to Paris, and we actually climbed the Eiffel Tower on the day of our first anniversary, so ofcourse I had to have the charm on my bracelet. It’s the only charm I’ve bought for myself, although I did buy myself a Pandora ring when we were in America on our road trip!

Boyfriend bought me the heart safety chain for our third(?) Valentine’s day, hearts obviously very fitting for the occasion and because I was so paranoid about the bracelet falling off my arm. I struggle to do the clasp up properly on my own so the safety chain gives me that little bit more security. I love the safety chain, and although I had no say in it what so ever, it’s the one I would have picked myself.

Next, Boyfriend gave me the heart charm on our third anniversary on our holiday to Crete and I love it, it’s gorgeous and it was the special edition charm where the money went to the British Heart foundation, so I was extra happy when I found that out. It’s got lots of little diamonds encrusted into the charm which makes it even more beautiful.

The last charm I received was from my besties for my 21st birthday present which is the little bike charm. I love biking as all of you who follow my fitness Friday and healthy habits blog posts will know, so the charm could not have been any more appropriate for me.

I love that all of my charm bracelet has sentiment to me, it’s only for special occasions and sentiments so I’ve not had a charm added to it in almost 2 years! I was going to buy myself a charm for graduating university, but I also have a Hot Diamonds bracelet that my auntie and uncle bought me for my 21st birthday and they got me a graduation cap charm for that, so I don’t need one on my Pandora bracelet. I absolutely love my bracelet, and I can’t wait to go on more adventures in life to expand my collection!

What is your most meaningful charm and why?

Paxton House

I’ve been feeling more inspired with my camera recently, so I thought I would head out for a walk through my local “haunt” and bring you guys too. It’s been a while since I’ve done a photography based post, but I always enjoy reading other bloggers’ photo posts, so why not? Without further ado, here is a walk around the grounds at Paxton House featuring boyfriend.

Paxton House is a Victorian Manor, that is kept in a Victorian manner and is open to the public as a museum. The grounds are free to enter and it’s a walk the boyfriend and I do at least a couple of times a week.


There are a few biking trails so boyfriend sometimes takes his mountain bike out, I don’t have my mountain bike here so I’ve never ventured out myself. Boyfriend enjoys it though, and I love Paxton House as a running route.



The views are stunning, you get right down to the edge of the Tweed. There are boats for hire in the summer and you can normally see canoes and kayaks in the evening heading towards the sea.


Normally, our walks take a little while because we stop at the waters edge and admire the view for a good fifteen minutes or so. We’ve taken many, many photos of the Tweed and the little rowing boats that sit at the water’s edge.

There are so many interesting flowers and pieces of artwork hidden about the grounds, it’s perfect for nature lovers and families as you can play spot the artwork. Keen photographers are never out of inspiration between the views and the nature!




We’ve even managed to spot the odd seal and otter lurking in the river, although between us, we’ve never managed to capture a decent photo of them either! Definitely take your biggest zoom when you go out, and hopefully you’ll get a better photo. Although boyfriend and I have been in Paxton House for two years and we’ve only spotted a seal once, so good luck to you all!


You can continue the walk along to Chain Bridge Honey Farm, or loop back around to the entrance. Depending on the time of day and weather, we normally go towards Chain Bridge as it’s a beautiful walk along the river too.


There is a lot on to do at Paxton House as well, this weekend there has been a music festival on and normally during the school holidays, they hold an outdoor cinema once every couple of weeks. The last film was Danny Champion of the World, but unfortunately both boyfriend and I were working so we couldn’t go! There is even an adventure playground for children (and myself and boyfriend, when there are no children because we’re still big kids at heart).

The only draw back that we’ve found about Paxton House is that it gets a little muddy near the river after it’s been raining but it’s not something we’ve ever bothered about. We plod on through no matter the footwear!


Myself and boyfriend would highly recommend a visit if you live in the nearby area. There are a lot of dog walkers as well, so bring your furry friends for a visit too!